Stuck in a rut?

It can be really easy to get comfortable in life and to only do things inside your comfort zone. You’re unlikely to get hurt here, you might get really good at doing the one thing you know you can do, and your expectations are likely to be in line with what goes on around you so you’re not disappointed.

But the magic doesn’t happen here. I can honestly say that nothing good in my life has ever happened from the safety of my comfort zone. It’s all those moments where you feel challenged, where you think ‘Oh crap, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea’ and then ponder giving up – if you can get through this stage of doubt and make it out the other side – I promise you, this is where the good stuff happens.

If life is starting to feel a bit samey and there’s a bit too much routine – try something new. This is the perfect time to start. It’s a New Year, a fresh slate, a chance to change it up.

Where is Falcon Heavy now?

Where is the Falcon Heavy now?

Ben Griffiths, Bored British Teen at Secondary Education

Well, as you saw, the launch went fantastic, capturing some amazing (and comical) views like this:


I love Elon Musk's humour.

So, where is it?

Well. The boosters are back at home, two of the three in one piece, the other in a few million. Rip Of course I Still Love You (really?).

The upper stage fairing and engine will not be recovered, and will either burn up in the atmosphere or be left in orbit forever. It's up to SpaceX. Chances are, it will just orbit the Sun forever. Why?

We can't let Starman die! The Tesla Roadster will fly-by Mars in a few months, and following that, it will probably just be left in heliocentric orbit around the Sun.

Soon after launch, the rocket leaves Earth's orbit, does some maneuvers, and boom! Mars. Unfortunately there will be no landing. Let's hope Starman has enough food to last (despite his power only lasting 12 hours… Hm…