At D&M Digital we provide our clients with assistance in maintaining their online presence by providing website hosting as a partner to Business Catalyst. We also work with 'Squarespace' and 'Wordpress' platforms, designing contemporary, mobile/responsive websites that are simple for our client's to maintain themselves. Regular website updates may assist with SEO searches- it helps with being found by those who don't know the company's url (website address) but know the type of business they are in! That's where search engines like, 'Google' and the like, come into play.  

D&M Digital continue to provide the classic 'One to One' relationship with all our clients and while we may be small ourselves, it means that we are not as rushed and will spend whatever time necessary with our clients. Our personal touch is not unique and maybe a little old fashioned but sometimes it's good to take a step back, take time to breath a little & smell the roses! 

So if your not 'feeling the Love' from your existing website host or you feel just a tad neglected why not contact us today at or phone Damon direct on 0410 075 343. 

Our Story

While our clients had been Account Managed with a larger agency over a period of time, Damon saw a niche in the business to not let the smaller, but just as important clients become left behind in the world of online advertising, client's with a website who are not quite into the full online marketing space yet. Clients who perhaps with a smaller budget to work with, but need a helping hand in maintaining their 'Online' presence.

So with the above in mind D&M Digital Services was formed (early September 2016) and located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. When we are not servicing our clients, D&M Digital are active with WWF saving the green turtle that is found on the Great Barrier Reef-every little bit helps right? So we're not only providing people with a helping hand!